What is Cut to Fall? 
Cut to fall is an external insulation system that puts a slight taper onto a flat roof. The taper is designed to enable the rain water on the roof to drain to the outlet positions wherever they may be. Through using simple, standard size, tapered boards the roof can effectively shed the water and eliminate any undesirable standing water. 
Standing water on a roof can cause damage due to added weight and may reduce the lifespan of the waterproofing system. It can also cause moss and algae to grow which could have health and safety implications though causing slip hazards. 
A cut to fall scheme offers a low cost and low weight warm room solution and are simple to install. 
A bespoke design offers increased flexibility and can be tailored to suit any roof shape. Tapered gutter boards can be introduced too, simplifying schemes, and further reducing the possibility for standing water to occur. 
We design all our roofs to be as efficient as possible to minimise the wastage and be as cost effective as we can. We try to keep our designs as simple as possible for ease of install. 
Both the taper and thickness of insulation can be suited to the roof specifications. If the roof has been designed to have a taper in the deck, then flat boards can be laid instead to create the same effect. 





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